"I do not know how to explain it nor believe that it was a coincidence that our paths crossed when they did. The odds are too large and the chance is too small."

- Stephen Evans




If I grew a beard

LAUGHTER ADVISORY- If I Grew a Beard is a fun, early-to-beginning reader book that will make you and your youngsters laugh out loud. It is full of brightly colored animals who all wear their own unique beards. It is hilariously written and is sure to inspire the imagination of children and the young at heart. You and your child may even find yourself musing over how you would wear yours, if you grew beard. Some of the bearded animals you will find in this book: *Crocodile *Sea Otter *Elephant *Orangutan *Mice *Geese *A Ferret, and *Many, Many More... It comes "mother-approved", and has a fun beard activity at the end. If you have been looking for something entertaining and a little different, then this book is for you. Give this book a chance to "grow" on you, and place it in your cart today.

The Bee Who Sneezed

What would you do if you discovered you had a new talent. Well, Let me tell you, when this cute little Bee sneezed and fell he discovered not only a new way to fly, but a way to soar. Perfect for children of all ages, "The Bee Who Sneezed" is a beautifully written piece of literature and breathta...

The Rat Who Loved Math

The Rat Who Loved Math is an inspiration for any child to read. It adds up the story of an adorable NYC Rat who has a deep love of math and sailing the NYC Harbor. It does subtract out the fractions of all thought that math is scary.

The Lizard in a Blizzard

An unlikely pair venturing across the Rockies. Drudging along through the snow and over taken by a chaotic late winters storm. A massive blizzard forces the Sheep Dog and his herd of cows to hunker down for the night, but our cold blooded friend the Lizard is feeling the effects of the extreme te...




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